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Type: Artículo
Title: What Powers Latin America?:Patterns and Challenges
Authors: Espinasa, Ramón and G. Sucre Carlos
G. Sucre, Carlos
Issue: 2015
Publisher: Cambridge. MA, Estados Unidos : Harvard University.
Citation: Espinasa, Ramón y Carlos G. Sucre. 2015. What Powers Latin America?:Patterns and Challenges. Revista Harvard Review of Latin America, fall 2015 15(1) : 24-27.
Format: 24-27
Description: Between the rio grande and the strait of Magellan lie the world’s largest crude oil reserves, giant natural gas reservoirs, plentiful mineral deposits, massive rivers and even volcanic activity yielding geothermal power. However, knowing that Latin America has plentiful energy wealth is a necessary but insufficient condition to analyze its energy market.
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