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Tipo de Material: Artículo
Título : Solar Energy in Chile: Development and Challenges
Autor : Agostini, Claudio A.
Silva, Carlos
Nasirov, Shahriyar
Fecha de Publicación : 2015
Ciudad: Editorial : Cambridge. MA, Estados Unidos : Harvard University.
Cita Sugerida : Agostini, Claudio A., Carlos Silva y Shahriyar Nasirov. 2015. Solar Energy in Chile: Development and Challenges. Revista Harvard Review of Latin America, fall 2015, 15(1): 40-42.
Paginación: 40-42
Resumen / Abstract : Achieving the ambitious renewable energy goals and overcoming existing barriers require strong, consistent and balanced policy support by the government. Unless the Chilean government takes a leadership role establishing prioritized areas of policy interventions to address challenges rapidly and properly, it could miss a chance to materialize large-scale solar development and to recoup the benefits of solar energy investments for the development of its communities and regions’ economic growth. Establishing a policy framework to accelerate market competitiveness, supporting the needed confidence for investments in local technology advancement and manufacturing capacity, facilitating large-scale solar grid integration, implementing new financing and business models, expanding international collaboration to provide accelerated learning and knowledge transfer to Chile, and improving training, education and awareness for solar energy technologies are among the priority policy actions to be taken shortly.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/10469/8268
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