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Type: Artículo
Title: Peruvian Oil Production: Challenges and Opportunities
Authors: Mayorga, Eleodoro
Issue: 2015
Publisher: Cambridge. MA, Estados Unidos : Harvard University.
Citation: Mayorga, Eleodoro. 2015. Peruvian Oil Production: Challenges and Opportunities. Revista Harvard Review of Latin America, fall 2015 15(1) : 32-34.
Description: The petroleum sector i know best is Peru’s, where I recently served as Minister of Energy and Mines. Because of the recent drop in prices, oil-producing countries are starting to adjust their contracts and review the sector regulation in order to protect their investments. In Peru the necessary changes have not been made, and there’s a risk production will continue to decline. The need for adjustments extends far beyond a matter of investments though. It affects the possibility of accessing new technologies to protect the environment and of fair consultations with indigenous and other communities. And if low prices spur low production, the very existence of a pipeline to get oil to markets may be threatened.
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